Verisys File Integrity Monitoring

Detect Unauthorised Changes

Verisys is an advanced system and file integrity monitoring solution for Windows, Linux and network devices that allows you to maintain the integrity of business critical files and data by detecting unauthorised changes.

Verisys is easily configured to suit your requirements using the intuitive interface, and includes a number of templates for common systems and applications to help you get started quickly.

Verisys lifecycle overview

Centralised Administration

A key component of Verisys is the central administration console, which allows you to configure and control all of the Verisys agents deployed across your enterprise. The central console simplifies the management of large or distributed agent deployments and enables centralised integrity checks, reporting and licensing administration.

The Verisys agents examine a large number of properties and attributes of each file, as well as utilising strong cryptography, to ascertain whether any changes have been made. You can change the properties that are scanned for each file, group files together and schedule integrity checks to run unattended. By using the reporting and alerting tools, Verisys will automatically send an email to alert key personnel of unauthorised changes, write to the Windows event log, send events to syslog, run an arbitrary command or generate a discrepancy report.

Verisys console screenshot


File integrity monitoring is an important aspect of a proactive company IT policy, auditing and achieving regulatory compliance (such as PCI DSS or SOX). Key to compliance measures is your systems achieving a known and trusted state - and being able to demonstrate that your systems maintain this state. The Verisys File Integrity Monitoring system provides a simple solution to your compliance requirements, giving you confidence that the integrity of your business data has not been compromised.

The Verisys console and agents enable widespread monitoring and reporting of your business systems allowing you to establish a comprehensive audit trail, while simplifying and bolstering your IT security through improved change management and integrity monitoring.

For further information about the Verisys File Integrity Monitoring system, including additional information regarding functionality, compliance and administration capabilities, please use the links on the right of this page.