Verisys - Centralised Administration

Simplified Management

A key component of Verisys is the central administration console, which allows you to configure and control all of the Verisys agents deployed across your enterprise. The central console simplifies the management of large or distributed agent deployments and enables centralised integrity checks, reporting and licensing administration.

Rulesets to monitor servers, workstations and network devices can be configured and published to any number of agents using the Verisys console, which reduces errors and rollout time, and simplifies the implementation of compliance procedures.

Centralised administration

Automated integrity checks can be scheduled from the central administration console including the ability to configure responsive actions to take once an integrity check has identified discrepancies. Integrity checks can also be initiated on an ad-hoc basis, giving you complete control over the integrity of your servers, workstations and network devices.

The console also provides a central point for all your reporting requirements. Using the intuitive interface you can generate reports in a number of formats based on your desired search criteria. To find out more about Verisys reporting and alerting capabilities, click here.

Alerting methods

SIEM Integration

Verisys integrates with top SIEM solutions, seamlessly coming together with your existing security infrastructure.

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Integrates with Splunk
Integrates with ArcSight

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